I Find It Hard to Judge

i find it really difficult to judge what a true friend is now. i've been friends with so many people who have then just ditched me that i don't know who to trust any more. half of the people that i hang around with now have all been involved in ditching me for know reason before, the only reason we made up was cos we all went to the same college and grew up a bit, but its hard to say weather there true friends or not cos they did that back then, why wouldn't they do it to me again? it's just so hard to judge.
sezy sezy
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2007

It is definitely hard to put trust into people as "true" friends when they often seem to betray that trust. For me, a true friend is one that absolutely sticks by me even if they do not agree with a decision. I have been blessed to have a friend like that in the past. After having a friend like that, it becomes even harder to open up and allow new friends an opportunity to become a "true" friend.