Now that I have an acct here, about 5 people per day have been adding me to their circle of friends. And all of that us great. But oh the quality of friends is so poor! There are plenty of guys who want to hook up & a few trolls but I'll weed them all out.

I do have personal friends that I hang out with now and then but I'm looking for people who can personally relate to depression & be honest about it.

I don't hesitate to block people.
Shellybelle Shellybelle
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Your doing the right thing by weeding out the trolls from those who truly want to be your friend.

I totally agree. Didn't you talk to me recently about your sexual desires? Notice how I never encourage you?

If u need to talk about depression or anything feel free to message me :) I know what u r gng through

Thanks, so much Nicole. The story if my life is in my experience, "I make myself sick".

No problem :) , so why do u feel this way?

Thanks. There are a number of stressors in my life that get me down.

Would u like to talk about them or something else tht might help?

I will message you. There are a fee things I do that help. One of them us talking about with people I meet on the internet like you. :)

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deal... ask me anything sweetie... hugs

Thanks. I posted another experience called, "I make myself sick." I responces were very helpful & I'm grateful for that. But of those guys, I think I'm about to block them all. LOL