Looking For Genuine People

I'm just looking for friends who won't ditch me to do something "better". Who are cool with the fact that I'm not a partier. Who are there when I need them and not just when they need me. Who like me for who I am.  And most importantly, are honest whether I want to hear it or not. I have a few friends like this, but there are spreading throughout the country.

True friends, where are you hiding?

MNPowerForward MNPowerForward
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I m looking for a bonded friendship with who i can relax, be my self and be true to each other. i not think that going to happen. You just need to be friendly to people.

A real friend is the person who let's you show your ***. They wont hold you to the stupid crap you say when your emotional. Then they will forget about it. They love you no matter how freaked out you can get.

True friends will just come out when you don't expect them to.. =)