I have a couple people I know i can count on. But my very best friend lives in Texas and I live in MO. Its hard to be able to talk to her when we need each other. I have a few other friends close by but none of them actually care about anything I say. They dont call or text unless they need me. If I talk about my problems they dont listen and forget as soon as the conversation is over. I tell them them things and its like they dont think its important enough to remember or even pay attention to. But as soon as they are upset or need someone to listen they turn to me. Like an idiot Im there to listen and comfort  them. I tell them I am at work till 10pm and they text me at 8 to see of I want to go out to eat at 8:30....why would they even ask that then I told them multiple times that I would be at work? 

I guess Im just fed up with the bull. They dont respect me at all.

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Do you tell them your limitations and communicate and decline when they repeat the same thing. Stick to your answer. Learn how communicate how you feel when they appear selfish. 'i feel______<br />
when you___________ I need_____________. Seriously, this works. Youa re not going to make everyone happy when you need to set a boundary. But people who really care about your relationship will respect your own limitations as they have them too.

I hope so. Its a lonely life with out someone close to talk to sometimes.

your young,m keep working at it, be discerning, but not cruel. people change when they get older, its customary of youth now a days it is confusing times.

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totally with you on this .... i am always listening and helping others and my friends . but when i need help or a friendly ear none of them seem to be around or are to busy with their lives drives me crazy.

Im glad Im not the only one surrounded by people who care for no one but themselves.<br />
Its irritating and hurtful