Genuine and true friends through life can be very rare.

When one goes through life and can look back on all people as an education that a true understanding of friendship can be fully understood. There may have always been smiles, handshakes, hugs with good and friendly words; but just how deep is that friendship when someone really needs a friend according to the laws of God which are all based on love?

We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We live in a world of mostly lips and many words that when our hearts are searched by God can’t be found. In other words, what may be said in words is vacant in the heart with no meaning. We live in a world of spiritual darkness that leads the majority of the human race, and that lead comes from the god of this world who is the father of lies and extremely good at what he does as an experienced professional with billions of years of gathered knowledge on how to deceive. So its not like Satan the devil is some fairy tail and a green horn or newbie in red with his pitch fork, but rather a master of deception that is the prince and power of the air that puts into the human minds whatever he chooses with the exception of those few called, chosen and not of this world in ways thoughts and actions while wearing all of God’s armor.

So what is a true friend?  When marriages are full of friendship they have become very stable with very deep roots. When there is no friendship; well I need not tell anyone of the hardships in mind and body that can become as a living nightmare when love is always in the words from the lips; but no friendship with deep care and concerns for your heart and feelings within the hearts of who speak false words. Welcome to reality.

Friendship is putting friends first, putting spouse first, putting others first; because friendship is a way of possessing the love and care for others that will be the way of life in the kingdom of God. That friendship with love and care for others will become over time as an unbroken circle of the joys and happiness for all that this world has never seen.

Is that bad? Love will be a law enforced. Is that bad? Are an end too wars, murders, rapes, and endless evils bad? Is no more hate bad? Is never judging another bad? Is a world of love with friendship and care for each other bad?

Let’s re-focus;

Is the truth of God that no one can see or understand bad? Satan will make you think it is because the natural man just does not understand the living horrors that are rapidly approaching the human race to cause more deaths with waste, desolation and destruction than the human mind can even begin to comprehend or absorb.

And the reason is because we all  live in a world without genuine friendships that are lacking the minds and hearts filled with love and care for others. As God sits in His Throne of the Universe with the earth as His footstool; and us within as grasshoppers; what He sees is a world of deception filled with the churches of man that only feed their flocks lies that make them as hypocrites with very unstable roots that will not hold when the great tribulation strikes and millions upon millions began to die because of their partial truths and twisted doctrines of man that has made them as blind leaders of the blind.

To see as God sees means to be not as a sluggard, but as an ant that works and gathers what is required; and in my many writings what you need can be found. Need a true friend? I have for years while living in the lowest pits of life with speaking out in faith to uncountable brethren, pastors, ministers, Christian websites, religious websites and individuals as teachers of God for any little helps possible. . . . And I have found not one person that really cares. Yet just as Job did, I accept whatever cards God may deal while never charging Him foolishly because I know that I have been in training to trust only in Him with no confidence in man. Psalms 118:8

Welcome to reality that you need to understand because great tribulation is growing near.

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Thanks sister, and by the way, I is be your brother that stays informed by God of the Times of Troubles growing closer each day in the land of the free that are about to lose life as they know it. Coast to coast concentration camps in no conspiracy theory but just one of the many puzzle pieces in place for the fall of America and the New World Order with world destruction to come. <br />
<br />
Deuteronomy 28. . . . . .Psalms 91

Amen, sister