Are There Any True Friends Out There?

My fondest wish is to make a real friend. Someone who is not judgemental, and honest, and kind. Sometimes I wonder if there are any people in the world left who can be just like this. I have very definite ideas about how I would like to be treated and treat others in the same manner. How about you? I will agree with a lot people that making and keeping freinds is sooooo hard. Sometimes life gets in the way. Are there any understanding people left out there in the big wide world?? Well I really would like to make long lasting freinds here. And no I dont want to grow a huge circle of people who never talk to me.

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3 Responses Mar 30, 2010

I don't know if I agree with you olddom. I met my husband on the Internet on a dating site and he is the most wonderful person in the world, you can't say everyone on this website is a weirdo. Yes, you do need to get out into the world to meet people, but it's sometimes difficult to do that. Work, family and life get in the way. I would love to have some good friends too.

I know what you mean. It's easy to find people to have fun with. Everyone wants to have a good time. But when you actually need someone to talk to, it seems like all your "friends" from before just automatically disappear. Nobody wants emotional baggage in their lives. We all have our own problems to worry about.<br />
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Just saying that you're not alone in this situation. It seems like all the good people in the world are halfway across somewhere else in the world.

i had a friend for over 15 years. wen i needed her the most she turned nasty.