Self Defense Is Illegal

The question was

"If someone hits you, do you hit back?"

I was struck by a small old woman, once at a bus stop. I had no idea why she did it, but I didn't hit her back.

She was a raving lunatic. Yelling at me that I was a lazy ***** and never did any work in my life and she worked hard all her life and I should go home and get a beating like she got when she was growing up and maybe then I would learn what hard work was all about.

Then she punched me in the chest.

And when I told her she was a crazy old bat, the other people at the bus stop told me I was disrespectful. (BECAUSE she was older than I) As if that earns respect. She was lucky I didn't deck her.

Or I was lucky, because if I had, I know someone would have called the cops and I would have been charged with assault because she was a teeny tiny bit of a woman; with a hell of a punch.

Serenitree Serenitree
70+, F
Jan 6, 2013