Cruel And Unusual

One of our teen members asked if it was bad of his mother to punish him by taking away privileges for telling her to F*** Off.

My response was

You are too funny. I had custody of my granddaughter when she was a teenager, and she wouldn't follow any of the house rules at my place any better than she did at her home. So I asked her to make a list of rules that she was willing to live by.

She did.

They were all rules that she wanted me to follow. Like not to set a curfew, not to expect her to be courteous, to make sure dinner was there for her every night by five, but if she didn't come home to eat it, not to get upset that it was wasted.

She could have in all the friends she wanted and I couldn't complain about the mess or the noise and they could stay overnight if she said they could, and I would make food for all of them if she told me to.

She could use drugs in the house if she wished, and I would not say anything about the stink, I would buy booze for her and her friends and not complain about it.

She was 13 at the time.


Then we made a list that we could both live with.
Serenitree Serenitree
70+, F
Jan 6, 2013