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I Came Deep In Her Cervix

I have done this with 2 women. The first is my ex wife. We were having angry sex and I was ******* her doggy style, while I wad banging her brains out she did that thing women do and let her arms splay out to the sides while still on her knees. And I went straight into her cervix and sprayed all of my *** instantly. I loved every second of it. It was the hardest ****** I ever had. She hated it and had a lot of pain. I wont lie, I didnt feel guilty after all she had been doing to me. That is how my first daughter came into being.

The second woman is my married girlfriend in an open marriage. After about a month of being together, we decided to breed. And yes, she is still married and with her husband and me. We had been having unprotected sex, but a week after we decided that, she started riding on top more and more until she found a certain spot. How to get me to slide into her cervix. That went on for almost 3 weeks, and she got pregnant. It had to stop after a month or so in because of the risk, and she now has an iud so its hard to get past the pieces that hand down, but we both terribly miss me being able to plant me seed directly into her womb where it belongs. The feeling of it and the knowledge.
grasshopper1980 grasshopper1980 31-35, M 3 Responses Jul 24, 2012

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You have a nice ****, plenty long, but how does your girl get by the pain? My wife winces when a big **** hits her cervix, I can't see her letting a lover penetrate it.

Now that is what I need. A man to breed me that way.

im so interested in guys who undersatnd why this turns them on,

If you can manage it, it gets unbelievably tighter. And if you *** in the cervix, nothing comes out. If the woman is not on birth control, you will most likely be pregnant after it.

i know but more and more guys are into the idea of it i was wondering if it was a way of takin the control back away from women in todays world

Possibly. Because of the knowledge that the chances are great you will be pregnant from it. But if i want to take control, I will just top and take the control.

That and so many women are against it, or cant do it. Just like around 20 years ago the mad rush to find a girl to swallow, shave, or do anal. Most didn't do it.

maybe its evolution women lettin men hurt them and extra penetrate them physically

I had done it twice also. With my wife, how my daughter came about was one of them. And before that, we were trying to have a baby, but it hadn't happened, and she had given up. At this point, I had found a girlfriend, and when we started having sex, I had never asked if she was on birth control when we started. I started ******* in her cervix. At that point, I didn't care, which also leads me to believe that men have boilogical clocks too, as in my 30's, I wanted to be a father more then anything, and didn't care that I got this woman pregnant. I would have been more then happy if I did. Also, it was the most exciting sex I ever had, meeting her, and had *** in her numerous times before I had asked if she was on birth control. Anyways, that is my story on this and I hope you enjoyed it.

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