Want My *** Next

I've had guys in my mouth ******* while I've ****** them with my tongue. I now want a guy in my *** ******* me while he ****** me full.
cyberfunchicago cyberfunchicago
41-45, M
1 Response May 17, 2012

I've been in both those boats a number of times. I will say this: by far the best way of drinking **** is to have the "spigot" directly in your mouth. Hold it carefully so you can cut the flow when you desperately need to swallow. As for getting it in the ***, when it happens you will be amazed. The unending flow into your aching bowels is an ultimate turn-on; you will never be the same. The only thing comparable is when a dog knots with you and shoots streams and streams of *** deep inside you.

Wow, both of those scenarios are making my wouth water