Working out shirtless with other men, the bond of muscle. masculinity and sweat is one of life's great joys for any man.
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I agree, where can I find a gym like that?

I completely agree. When I have my shirt off and working out with other bare chested men the masculine bond I feel with them is incredible. Men that confident enough to workout shirtless often share the shirtless lifestyle I pursue. All of my close friends are bare chested as much as possible.

I worked out shirtless at the gym just now. In Manchester UK where the climate is usually cooler, but we're in a mini heatwave. A young black guy with an amazing body started it-he just peeled off his vest. And the rest of us just sort of followed suit! It was so liberating. There were 4 of us at one point. Bodies all shining with sweat. It felt great and it really motivated me!

shirtles with as little on as possible only way to worm outs and

Sounds great, sensual. I like mixing with other guys at my gym. A couple of the really buff ones got their tops off last weekend and it was inspirational somewhat!

got to totally agree