I Prefer Shirtless Gyms

I actually had a membership at a small, local gym that allowed guys to workout shirtless and that was one of the main reasons I chose that gym.

I also worked out at a college gym that didn't "officially" allow shirtlessness, but unofficially it was cool as long as there weren't many people there. Five guys or less was usually cool, and I often worked out shirtless there.

Most bouldering gyms allow guys to climb shirtless and at one gym I was asked to wear a shirt only when using weightlifting equipment. I worked out on the punching bag in the same room shirtless and a lot of the guys went shirtless on the bouldering wall (which had its own room).

BobBowdle BobBowdle
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5 Responses Dec 10, 2009

You are lucky to have a gym close to your house where you could workout shirtless. One of the best things about the gym is the masculine bond that's formed between men when they are bare chested. I wish that I could arrive at the gym without a shirt on since I drive shirtless all the time. Then I could work out with my buddies and we could all be shirtless. After a shower I would only need a dry pair of shorts to change into. Almost every day at the gym I have the overwhelming desire to take my shirt off and be a man.

gym i belong to is all male gym so shirts are optional

Tell us more, man! Like the name of the gym and what part of the clientele exercise which option.


I'd give anything for a shirtless (and barefoot) tolerant gym. The only one I ever attended was several years ago in a different city. I agree--it's decidedly a male bonding thing.

Too bad there aren't more like that!

What gym do you go.