Yes..a home not a house or a hut..so it would be warm and the waves would lap on the door..and we can hear it roar or splash on our windows...each morning the sun would rise and we watch it get the sky its amazing range of orange and reds..birds they fly away as we rest..under the coconut tree..sip sip the cool drink and wear light clothes..feel the breeze..cook food near the sandy beach and for work ?
travel all over the distance and reach office in time..return nearing the sunset time..watch the sun submerge and disappear..sky lights up with stars and a single moon..we walk hand in hand and turn to kiss..deep and long..rest on the sandy beach feel the sands on back and you on top..I getting buried inside as I sink and you don't blink..
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36-40, F
Jan 22, 2013