Missing Affectionate Hugs Attention Or Just Plain I Care About You!

Went shopping today at Walmart.Feeling down and out.I met an old friend from college hadn't seen for a long time she talked about losing 5 family members to death.We shared a hug and a smile and talked about us since college and our goals.That hug was needed by both of us a mutual uplifting of 2 down and out people. Here's to you Girl! Hope the schooling is completed soon and you become the nurse we need so much!Down deepest in our hopes you deserve to be sucessful and above all Please , Please, Quit smoking we need you around a long long time!
dreeamin10 dreeamin10
51-55, M
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

It's nice to read an uplifting story. Thanks for sharing!

Hopefully you have made connections here on EP to share with. Not the same as a real touch from someone you love though! Hugs!!!

I had some connections but somehow they stoped writing wishing I had someone to talk to.