The Truth

I am a man who googled "i want hugs" and found this interesting sight. I read thru a few stories and was touched by this beautiful young girl 13-15 who basically said "I just wanna hug and anyone will do." I appreciate her honesty and though in this dark wicked world, you wouldn't want a hug from anyone, I believe she speaks for most everyone here if we were honest with the cry of our hearts, the cry for love.

"Well not me, I'm mature. I just came here to read about you lonely people. I don't need hugs..." Well, that's not entirely accurate. I do have a little bitty small hug compartment that could use a hug or 2...well, maybe just one little bitty one, you know just to help you out.

Ok Ok, I'll tell the truth! I NEED 10,000 HUGS!!!!! NOW!!!! And make it long ones!!!!

Aren't we human beings interesting creatures? We like to express ourselves. Well, as for me, I like to expose myself and do my best to get honest. I like to uncover the "Matrix" (taken from the movie) and get at the REAL. But it's a long story so let me get back to why I'm here.

I googled "i want hugs" because well, I'm just sitting here alone eating some butter pecan on a saturday night as usual. I have just been an alone kind of person for many years, but I'm developing a huge AMEN for the scripture that says, it ain't good for man to be alone.

I'd like someone to hug tonight. Someone to hold and hug for a really long time. I still dream of finding my soulmate. I said SOULMATE! I know it starts with an "S" and has an "E", but their is NO "X" in this word.

Their is a country song that goes, "I was looking for love in all the wrong places." I heard of a bumper sticker that says, "I am looking for love but will settle for sex." And one preacher said, "never a truer word spoken."

Well, like the above mentioned teenager, I too wish I had someone to hug tonight. But honestly, I would really like to just embrace someone for a long time--no little short meaningless hugs. Look at me here fantasizing about a hug. Poor human race. Look at us! So desperate for love and hugs.

Ok, I want to say it because I love the Truth. Ok, here goes: I Am Desperate For Love. I Am Desperate For Hugs. May I please have a hug?

I hope and pray that I shall one day SOON find, even at such an hour as this after so long a time, my true Godly (female of course) soulmate. I Hate False Religion!!! But I do believe that mankind is absolutely in desperate need of a Savior Of Love.
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2 Responses Oct 20, 2012

Hugs, hugs and more hugs :)

Thank you Yacuh for your response. That was sweet.


usually i just gave my friend blanket. but oh well,
here a BIG HUG. hehe.

Thank You Captain for your response. I think it's always special when someone responds to our story because for some reason they did.