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There is jus certain days, certain times, that i feel soooo alone. Having a long distance relationship, makes it 10x's harder. Those certain days, certain times, i hate the distance sooo much where i become depressed and can't concentrate on anything going on around me.  Those certain days, certain times, makes me want to be there with him even more. At those times, all i need is a hug, which i can't get. It sucks, it really does, but obviously i put up with it because he is the love of my life... I jus wish things were different.
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no longer in this relationship

no he's not at all... i met him over the internet.. and she doesn't approve of that.. she thinks that he is only wanting sex from me (she saw a past chat log kinda sexual talk)... tells me i wasn't raised up that way... so now im not allowed to talk to him over the phone or on msn... so i can text only, and talk to him on yahoo cuz she don't kno that SN... or when she's gone i'll have him call my house.. im not jus quittin on us... she doesn't kno him like i do... if only he could come up here and meet my family..... but that costs money.. so in april when i do turn 18, i can transfer the cell bill in my name, talk to him every day like we did and i will be takin a weekend off as soon as i start college in july to go see him

why is she fourcing you too break up? does she know him to or just know of him from what you say? no one can understand how you feel or how your relationship is apart from the two of you involved - its not fair of her to pressure you - unless he is bad for you - is he??? x

right now i dun even kno.. i ran into a crisis today.. mom practicallly forcing me to break up with my bf (longdistance)... i have to make it even more secret now, i can't lose him.. hopefully i will in july

i know just how you feel - i would give anything to hug the one i love, although she is in a compleatly different country! infact, i dont know if i will ever hug her again - she finished with me cos she couldnt handle the distance thing! oh what i would give just for another hug! when will you next get the hug you want? x