When Will I Stop Moving Around

After I graduated college, I wanted to travel. Being in debt with student loans and not alot in savings, I wanted to work and travel. So I did. I went back into the field of outdoor education on the opposite side of the country and loved it. I still love the field of teaching students on a week long field trip in an experiemental education setting. What my students and coworkers don't see is how much I hate moving around four times a year between three states. It takes alot of planning, moving and gas money that eats up the weekend before its back to the fourteen hour weekdays. The cycle is alot of wash and repeat.

Enough ranting, I've been working out a solution that hasn't been working so far. I apply to at least three jobs a day, most of them related to my experience and education field. I've had three interviews and no offers. All I wish in 2013 is to have a yeararound job with one yeararound address ... and a garden too.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

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