Girlfriend Wanted. Apply Within :p

Ive never had a serious relationship and it never really concerned me until last year I spent a lot of time with myself trying to understand why I never wanted a boyfriends. I'm a lesbian Its something Ive been hiding about myself for years, so last year I decided I would stop lying to myself and be more active in trying to find a girlfriend that would love me and I would hopefully make her feel so loved. I met some nice women and I got on well with them but nothing really happened. I want the closeness you get in a relationship, the holding hands, kissing, snuggling in front of the TV watching movies, lazy days together not really doing anything but being with each other and one day I hope I get that.
peacefulstorm peacefulstorm
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You and me both ....

how i wish u are near to me, i would have given you every love you expected. but all the same, you have find a good one who love you from the depth of her heary. Wishing Merry Xmas.

i want one like that too

This story was touching i know how you feel :)

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i hope i can be the girl you've been looking for but not possible coz we're not in the same country. hmm. but dnt worry tme will come you'll find the right girl for you.remember patience is the virtue.

Peacefulstorm, I love your name it so soft and subtle but dynamic. I really like your post, makes me know I am not a lone-star ranger *smile*. Be patient I am sure our girls will come, and until then I send you hugs and kiss to hold you over! XOXOXOXOXOXO *~*<< giftwrapped with a bow :)

I love ur gut my dear, in the country I come from, we hide what we are because of what people will say. some times, we end up been married to a man u feel nothing for while the woman u truly love is out there. i will like to be ur pen pal is that ok by u.

every single one of you females gone get the right person in your life. your all beautiful proud gay women. #teamgay

I feel the same way. I feel interest in both sexes... But my last relationship was with a female. I never fell in love with her, sometimes that happens. But she was cruel to me so that's probably why...<br />
I need someone to love.<br />
And someone to love me. :(

Can we be long distance pen pal girlfriends. If not that's cool I can accept friends but I'm funny and talented. Artistcly that is. But seriously I like this post it's honest and open.

Be patient and stay positive and the right girl will come. The main thing is that you are being honest with yourself and you know what you want. And you're much too pretty to stay single for long! :-)

CONGRATS! on c/out