I'm Looking To Be In A Relationship With A Girl

It's a really strange situation for me because I've always been interested in girls... My first sexual relationship was with one.. However growing up, I at some point became interested in boys,so I just brushed aside any attraction I felt for girls. However, I'm turning 18 in April and once I finish senior year, I'm going to join the Israeli army. The point is, I really want to find a girl who I can grow with. in this year and some. If not in a relationship, than just in a strong bond. I'm a musician living in New York, I'm open-minded when it comes to almost anything, and I enjoy just going out and having a good time with any kind of intellectual and fun person.

...by the way I have this thing for girls that look like Joan Jett... so if you're anything like that.. please please comment haha.

xCherryBombx xCherryBombx
18-21, F
3 Responses May 15, 2012

I look nothing like Joan Jett, but it'd be lovely to get to know you a little deeper.

I would be really enjoy that :)

I'm attracted to dark-haired women, too. She's really cute!

right!?!?! any rocker chick that has some kind of bad attitude is good-looking in my book

┬┐what made you want to join the Israeli army?

I was brought up in an Israeli family and I just always felt like Israel was my real home.. so for me it's almost like I couldn't consider myself an Israeli without protecting my country.