Married To A Man But Still Wanna Play

in a nutshell...i am married but i still wanna play. i have never been with a female and i am soo curious and would love to have a friend who love to text and has a high sex drive like me. lastly i would like to have a *********. Now i have been married for 13years and with my husband for 20. but he can not satisfy me sexually. i know this probably sounds crazy and i am sure i will get some negative comments but this is just where i am right now.
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

It is not crazy, nothing is, but doing something without your husband's knowledge puts your marriage at risk, other issues aside. How do you want to approach a relationship? Are you willing to risk a close friendship? What's truly sad to me is that your husband doesn't meet your needs, yet you've been together so long.

At times I feel I want to explode with frustration............I'm married for 14 years but always was attracted to women but I am eagerly awaiting my first experience, whenever that will be..these accidental and incidental things don't tend to happen to me! Preferably I would love a close friend who would be my secret lover. A long-term arrangement for someone in the same situation as me. I often wonder am I being unrealistic and greedy in this request. Are there people who want the same thing as me? I'm just curious as I cannot live the way I do anymore and be true to myself and be "happy".

Im married to and feel the same, i sooo badly want to feel a real lesbian experience, its driving me mad and i cant tell anyone

You aren't alone, I could have written that story!