My Hunger

   I have a hunger that food will not satisfy. I have a thirst that liquids will not quench. I have a fire that cannot be extinguished. I desire the emotional and physical love of a good woman. I want to be her saviour and in turn, I want to be saved. I need her company, her touch, her voice and I will return the same to her for comfort, protection, for love. I want to make her laugh...I want to be her clown (wait, maybe I don't, clowns freakin scare me!). Her comedianne, that's what I want to be! I'll be her Ellen and she can be my Portia! I want to be able to take her out and show her off. I want to be her sexy animal, I want her to feel sexy when she's with me, and not just in the bedroom. I want to be able to stay home and snuggle with her, keeping her all to myself.
     I sometimes think I miss having a strong relationship built on trust and mutual adoration, but then I remember...I've never had that, how can I miss what I've never had? I dream of it. In fact, I daydream a lot about the kind of relationship I would love to have. Domestic type dreams of how daily life with someone should go. I want mutual respect, honesty and loyalty. Do I want too much? Are my expectations too high? I truly believe I have the ability to achieve this. I'm not sure how or when. But isn't there a motto some company uses...if you can dream it, you can achieve it?  I think I'm going to adapt that as my motto starting today (please no one report me for copyright theft to the company that uses it that catchphrase). 
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7 Responses Aug 4, 2012

very nice ideal of a relationship :)

wow where do you live?

veryy sweet(: wish more women like you live around me... message me(:

Why can't I live around women like you.

you want what we all want and if you keep wrighting stuff like that you wont be waiting for long lol :)

You said it perfectly.

Well said C....I think there are a lot of us in search of that!