Love At First Site

Does anyone believe in love at first site? I was thinking of this after watching the movie Imagine Me and You. Sometimes I wish I could just see a woman and we could instantly just hit it off and love one another.
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oh love at first sight ,i really wish it didnt happen to me,but ya this love at first sight thing is for real and a good thing if its reciprocal,besides isnt it what we all truly crave for eventually to have some1 whom u can love truly madly deeply and for that person to feel the same

Yes..even i happened to me.. :)

Yes I do and happened to me but It was love at first sound of her voice. Too bad it didn't last. So it should be Love at first whatever. You could even fall in love because of a person writing or words.

I hope love can just find me

Sometimes love needs you to find it, and sometimes love can be right in front of you, you just have to open your eyes, mind, and heart.

Wow, I guess you're right. You definitely have a way with words, I couldn't put it any better

Lol some people who do get to know me a bit says I have a way with words too. I guess it's because I speak from my heart and I try to see and understand both sides of the story.

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