hi everyone... im zoey.. going 25 this October.. single..
im looking for a funny, sweet, true, loyal girlfriend..:)

zoey2012 zoey2012
22-25, F
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Happy Birthday in an hour, Zoey dear! Big hug from me!

Hi Zoey! may I know where you from?

I hope you find the one for you. I am bi, but I would not be much of a gf. Just the way I am. Kind of a ***** I guess.

But I will support you the best I can.

I'm thirty-two, past the big three-ohhh..... OMG!!!!

If its not too late I would like to be. :)

Here's hoping you find the person you're looking for...

Although I can't be your girlfriend, feel free to talk to me anytime :)

your sweet..:) thanks..:)

=) Feel free to talk to me.

thank you...:)

It's too bad that Cameron can't be your gf. Cutie pie there. Can you be my gf?


Maybe we could.. Message me?

Hey ty for the gifts ;)
Where are based? x

well i am a man so i guess im not the one youre looking but anyway im glad to know you and well i hope when im home in the Philippines and if your free why not spend sometimes and know what is being with a man.......hhhmmm LOL

If it is in the cards I would like to be your gf...But take it slow at 1st but then who knows...

well as long your happy for what you choose that is ok....

ya good luck to you girl, thanks for the invite

Shes out there just keep looking .... Maybe a surprise is in store for you on your birthday Zoey2012 xxx Maybe shes an Ep member and you already know her *wink*

hi dear

Hi rajjo x

Oct what babe? mines the 19th

Oct 5!:)

can u join me frd

ok, stop searching now Im here............ :-)

hi will u join me too

i m from pune dear can we chat baby

Hello Zoey. Oooohhhh Your b-day is coming up...awesome. Happy early birthday to you.

thanks..:) mwah..


How are u?