A Girl To Lesbian Who Fell In Love W/ Me

wen we met each other to our new house im to younger at that time um she talk me already the way she act like that she wanted to be her bestfrend then ill yes it up at 1st time even though were not yet know each other i knew that she is faithfull to me at several years we became best friends almost 5 years ago..then years came she started to ask me about the girl she loves most at first i was shock bec. I dont know what she was talking about but much more exciting then when she kiss me on lips i dont know the feeling the nervously deep my heart then she started to cry because. She felt she inlove w/ me i sed to her ..dont cry bec. i felt that too..then we begin the relationship she is lesbian then im girl even though 1st time i expierience that relationship..then several years were broke up ..i break her bec. She betrayed me for many reasons deeply ..so hard so much pain that was the first time i experience painfully ...then so many years later i move on then again and again i want to fell inlove again with lesbians..
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I would say fall in love with a man. Better choice :D

hahaha maybe LOL hehe


hahha i wanna try it again haha

Why dont you try to be with a man??

many times to be with men but still doesnt work ... i hurting them and i dont feel the same way ...

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really you should wait & watch this time before having a relationship.. Read a persn completely & then have a realtionship with him/her watever:). In that way you wont be broken:)

tnx i appreciate what youve sed hihi