My Kindof Women

ok ive been reading so many of my friends writing this .......and im too tempted to write my kindof women .........i may get carried away have a long list just dont get scared .........
1)u got to have an amazing sense of a person who laughs a lot so u better havea good sense of humour.....i love witty intelligent is sucha turn on

2)im not tat bad looking...........and at the risk of sounding shallow......i got to admit that goodlooking woman make me go weak on my knees........btw im also a fitness freak......would love it if my women is fitness consious too

3)im well groomed in .....i take good care of my skin hair and nails......and as much as i would want my women to be groomed and all ........i dont want her being fussy about outdoors,just coz shes too well a very outdoor idea of fun is hiking ,running ,cycling.......... if ur a outdoor person too ,im sure ill give u a time of ur life....and if not atleast dont be fussy bout the little cuts and briuses i end up having due to my adventures freakishness

4)iam very spontaneous...........i speak my heart out......and i believe in doing things spontaneausly even if i make a perfect clown of for example if i go to barista and i see a guitar ...i can just pick it up and start singing loudly.....did i mention i dont know to play a guitar and my voice is not a singer u better be prepared to face my histrionics if ur out with me....and insipte of my behaviour i love to visit this serious kind nice restuarants........ofcourse u got to handle if they throw me out of that place due to my behaviou r ;))

5)u better be kind..........i cant stand snobbish people ....i judge people by seeing how they behave with people who r not of their level.....and any1 who matches i 1 2 3 4 criteria but is a loser with attitude when it comes to kindness .........i would so avoid them

6)i love good smelling women.......i consiously make sure tat im too.........anyone with a b-odour is a big turn off for me

7)im going to be ina closet and im going to stay married ........and if ur the same kind itll really work between both of us and if ur single then u better make ur peace with my situation

8)super hot in i really need add anything super starved sexually......i guess i have all the vent up feelings of all these years if im constantly ffinding ways to kiss u hug u or do u at anygiven oppurtutinity ....u better be prepared ;)

9)ima cuddly kind i love to hug and the feeling of ur warmth &fragrance around me all the time.....

10)some1 who takes good care of her personal hygiene :)u know y im talikng of tat

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ha ha ha I feel like I wrote this!! everything except the picking up a guitar and singing out loud. I'm a bit more modest than that but would love to laugh with you when you do it :) I love to laugh and am pretty sarcastic. I'm far from shallow but am picky about who I am attracted to. Its important that people I'm with take care of themselves and are fit. I have never been with another but you sound like the type that I want.

I regret to inform you I will not be applying for the position as I require at least basic spelling and grammatical knowledge in a partner. However, I do wish you good luck in your future and hope that you can take these comments on board in order to improve your written communication with your new mistress(es). Also, it would be responsible not to bring anyone into your life who could possibly wish you to divorce in the future, so it might be an idea to choose someone who wants you for lust only instead of love as being married you can't provide love, only satisfy their lust. Anyone who loves you would hate to think of you being with someone else, that's why I say it like this. Good luck~!


you sound perfect:)

wow meaningful ten points , hit me up a msg if u wanna talk


I Like Your Name ... <3
Yeah Burning Desire inside my veins ... :-))

Lol....this is not my real name.....but yeah let's chat some time :)

itz okay ... but my name is real.. was given by my MOM ... :-D
Thx4 Reply ...

Volabasa......wat does it mean and where r u from?

Itz a bengali word ... Means LOVE ... ;-)) though i hav always ill Luck regarding LOVE .. ;-)))

Yeah Yeah all credits goes 2 MUMMA OnLy .. ;-)))

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good luck:)