Heyyyy :d

Anyone want to talk and get to know each other ? Imopen :D
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Hey Im Open :)
But Im Lesbian And Looking For
GirlFriend .. Maybe It Might Be You :)

I may never be any one that you will ever want to know or talk to. I am a 61 year old man. I may be able to be a friend or as most of the people that I know an advisor. If you decide not to respond I do understand. At least thank you for reading this.

You might be 61 but your reaching out for friends and I never turn people down no ,after what, my grand father taught me that

I am very glad that he has taught you well. Some time the young are afraid to be friends with a person that may be twice or three times their own age.
I will add you to my friends list, and hopefully mine to yours. I will never ask you real personnel questions, or ask you anything that may be offensive. If I do anything that may upset you, please tell me.
Hope to hear from you soon, if not I will understand.

Yep he meant the world to me, I miss him but I know he's in a better place :] and I will thanks :] your really sweet. And I like talking to people older then me because of there stories! The history or whatever, there interesting.

I would like to chat

Send me a message then :]

yeah we can ^^ add me

Do I still count as a possibility? :D

Yes you do :P silly

Kk thanks hun! :)

Hey :) well I'm not a girl but I do like girls :D
Sorry, if you want someone to talk to and get to know then we could chat :)
If not I would respect your desicion.


hah i dont care who you are ill talk to anyone!