Girl Friend/girlfriend/friend...i Don't Mind!

I'm new to the whole "experience project" thing but...
I'd like to find a nice girl to talk to and get to know; a girl that can be my friend, finding an actual girlfriend would be a HUGE bonus. :D
A little bit about me:
-I'm extremely down to earth
-I still like teddybears and cartoons
-I have a weird sense of humour
-I'm a hopeless romantic
-I'd do anything I can to make a beautiful girl smile
-I have some weird interests

If anyone's interested send me a message...let me know...say hi...and let's talk...and get to know each other :)

(fingers crossed I'll get a message from some lovely girl out there)

TeddybearMel TeddybearMel
18-21, F
5 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Hows it going? :)

Hey:) everything's all good. How are you?

Im good, a bit tired, but decent. :)

Hey I'm 17 and I like girls too :). Maybe we could talk sometime.

Yeah that sounds great! I tried to add you but I can't. Add me and let's talk :)

Sorry I'm a man :) but anyway let me welcome you to EP! This is not a dating site, but you can find friends, people who have the same needs and interests at you, and maybe even a girlfriend...
Good luck!


Friend me im little younger but you sound sexy

I tried to add you but I can't, you should add me:)

Sorry now currently taken:)

Hi most are bi finding ful lez is hard to find I'm bi so it's good for me but most have boyfriends and that's a whole new topic just don't fall for it like he just wants to watch and I have rainbow flying out my vag or he joins and I will let yours join never happens so be aware so girls are out for more then you want if there good they will not ask about boyfriend for a long time