I Have A Boyfriend But...

He is ok with me having something on the side. Problem is, I am just realizing my attraction to women and don't know how to snag one, don't know how to project myself as interested (what if they aren't gay? I dont wanna be creepy!). But this is something I need to do because I am soooo intrigued and in love with the woman's body.
If anyone has advice, let me know!
22-25, F
4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I feel the same as you. I want a girl, but how do I know if they are a lesbian without being creepy? Have you had any experience with women yet?

Nope, not yet. I've just moved to a new place so at least I can start over and I don't know everyone in town like I did my hometown.

I guess I am in a same position as you are. I had had this 'hots' for a guy that lasted till we went on date. Ever since then I can only think about female bodies, how soft and perfect they are... I now realize I am indifferent to men. I guess those hots I got was the coffee talking cause I was way over my limit.

Many girls think I am straight-laced, prudish, respectable. I am a shy girl who hates rejection. But I'm also love to let my freak *** fly when I'm comfortable. I think I will take a lot of advice though, and just relax and be more confident. I've been smoking too much weed, feeling nervous and inferior.

i am feeling the same thing...i am also confused..so disturbed for that...but i know i recover it..when i meet my special one..so hv faith on u...take care..this is not a crime...