Driven For The Passion Of A Femme Female.

At the time I'm writing this, I am suppose to be working on my business ideas. But I feel very distracted. Distracted by the toughts of having a passionate women by my side. Dreaming that she would be funny and we'd have great conversation and better yet, great romance and intimate exchanges.

I guess I'm a little mixed up in a lot of different ways. Not only am I a femme women who is very attracted to femmes. I'm a black female who love other women of different races and cultures. And it's been really hard to meet women like myself. Guess things are starting to get to me because I work too many hours, and have a horrible commute.

Also, the holidays don't make it any better. I think we all feel more lonely when you are by yourself and everyone else looks so happy. Not that I don't like happy people. Just want to have that couple feeling that felt so nice.

Are there any other women out there like me? Hoping to connect with other femme who desire femme also? What's your story?
FemmeKisses FemmeKisses
46-50, F
Dec 12, 2012