More "lipsticks"

All my friends call me the lipstick lesbian. I consider myself one. 'femme". I want a lesbian girlfriend. A femme. lipstick. Like me. its the complete Girl on Girl. Not stud on girl, butch on girl. I honestly dont understand why a girl, who likes girls, would want to be more "man like" to get more girls. I understand a lot of girls are attracted to that and there really is no definition to what a girl is or should be. But from what i see it is, long hair, clothes from girls sections, and lovely smelling perfume, not cologne. I have butch friends, or studs. and one femme. some of my friends say they feel like a man trapped in a womens body, or that being butch, attracts the straight girls. and that being a stud attracts the girls who are wild. Yet my femme friend says, she is a girl. who likes girls. she has the same preference as me. long hair etc. does anyone understand what i mean? I dont think it should be girly girly, its just my view/attraction. I want that girlfriend, who laughs when i tickle her. I don't need to have the "who is the man" or someone to be protective like a man. I need a WOMAN. sweet, innocent, gentle, but strong. And of course, someone who loves my dog. =P

this post may have not made sense, but I would like if someone could either understand me, agree with me, or give me their view. Its nice to have some insight.

thank you

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I would like to get to know you. ;)

I see it as this....
Asking which one is the guy in the relationship is like asking which chopstick is the fork!
I agree with you pretty much, I have no problem with the butch thing but I don't really get it either? I've been out for like 10 years yet I still don't really get that!
Gotta love the girlie's :D

I'm not exactly sure what I am, I like to wear good smelling lotions and perfumes, makeup, tight jeans, and I like to look good. But I do wear some men's clothing, such as shorts, tees, and shoes, and I can be just one of the guys. I know I'm attracted to femmes. Nothing against studs, I just prefer femmes. I like a woman that's proud of her femininity

I think its all about type, as indigofem1 wrote. Doesn't matter if you are straight or gay, everyone has different types. Some femme girls like femme girls, some femme girls like butch girls and some butch girls like butch girls. Thats the easy definition. But when you think about it, its never that easy. Theres a type, but there is also personality to consider.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say here is that Im all for you being femme and liking femme, I just felt I had to comment on the fact you didnt get why some lesbians dressed and acts like guys. Its kinda about personality if you ask me.

I am a lesbian, soft butch I'd say. I dress like a guy, I have short hair but I do also wear makeup and perfume. Ive tried dressing up feminine and long hair and stuff, but it just wasnt me. Im not sure if Im getting my point across here.

I'm kassie, im bisexual. Im definately not a stud or butch. Im girly but not too girly. Im a little young but age doesnt matter :)
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