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I read in class IX. My centre of attraction is my 34 size boobs. With my slim figure of 5’4” height the twins are looking gorgeous. My entire friends call me Urmila Matondkar. I am from a very poor family and live in a remote village. I am good in studies, but due to our poverty father was not interested for my higher studies. Further in our village there is no high school and one high school is in other village which is about 5 km from our village. So, most of the parents of our village do not prefer to send there daughters to such a distant place for studies. But I was very much determined to continue my study. At last my parents agreed but I had to wait for one year till my younger brother Sonu (uncle’s son) passed his 7th. We both took admission in 8th after Sonu passed. Sonu had a by-cycle, so I had not to face any problem He was growing tall, already 5’5” at the age of 18. He is a very naughty boy and most of the time cracks jokes, even non-veg also. Since he is my younger brother I don’t mind rather I enjoy them and our journey becomes pleasant.The surrounding of our school is full with natural beauties. It is on a small hilly area. Adjascent to school there is a small forest where fruit bearing trees like mango, litchi and others are there. On one corner there flows a fountain which is below 30 ft height from the level and fully surrounded with trees. So, most of our pleasure time passes within that area. The principal of our school is a lady. She was staying in the house built in the school premises. Her husband is an executive in a public sector and stays away from her. She has a daughter,

Deepa, who was studying in +2 Sc. In the near by college.The school was running from 7.00a.m. To 11.30a.m. Due to summer One day due to sudden death of an eminent leader the school was suspended at 8.00A.M. All students went to their home, but Sonu suggested to pass some time in the forest and take the charm of raw mangoes. I also agreed as I had no special work at home other than getting bored there. We entered in the natural garden. Sonu was cracking jokes along with some non-veg types. Although I was enjoying, I asked where from he knew this. He replied that his friends are telling this. We reached at the side of the fountain. Sonu proposed to go down to the fountain. I opposed as it was very steep and slippery also. Then we went to a mango tree. He tried to get some mangoes by throwing stones, but could not succeed. At last he told “Didi you stand here I am climbing on the tree.” He climbed on the tree and plucked some raw mangoes. Suddenly he told “Didi Ravi is coming toward this area. If he sees us then he will bang. So, let’s return.” I asked him to get down fast. We hurriedly returned from that area.On the way to our school we were enjoying the taste of raw mangoes and gossiping. We saw a water pot under a tree. Sonu said “oh I see! Ravi has gone for toilet. He shows himself very smart, he always restricts us in every thing. To day I will teach him a lesson.” He then drained some water from the pot and urinated in that. There we listened some whispering voice from a nearby bush. I scared, but Sonu went near to that bush tip toed. He peeped and indicate me to go there. I went there and saw behind him resting my hands on his shoulder. Oh my God! I could not believe that. Deepa and Ravi were engaged in kissing each other wildly. Ravi is the peon of the school. He mostly Works for Madam (Principal) and helps her in marketing and other house hold works as they had no male member in their family. So he often goes to madam’s house and has managed to trap Deepa any how. My heart beats were running fast. I was feeling as if an electric wave was passing through my body. I told Sonu “let’s go Sonu, if they know that we are watching them then they may do anything against us”. But Sonu did’nt listens and continued watching holding my right hand. For a while curiosity rose from my heart and I thought let me see also. Then I kneeled behind Sonu to watch such new experience.They were on the lungi of Ravi which was laid there to prevent from dusts and dirts. Ravi was in his brief only. While Ravi was kissing Deepa his hands were moving on the boobs of Deepa. Ravi unbuttoned the top of Deepa and opened the bra hook from her behind. He raised her bra to the top and freed her milky boobs. Her boobs were of good size. Ravi was squeezing them passionately. Deepa was moving her hand on the ****, Ravi dragged his brief down and released his **** free. My eyes were wide opened to see such a huge **** live. It must be more than 7” long and 3”wide. Deepa caught the tool of Ravi and started licking with her tongue. Then she started sucking that like a choco bar Ice cream. Ravi was moaning with pleasure..You are so…….sweet, suck.. Me more…Deepa... She was down on her knees as she wrapped her warm lips around his throbbing ****. She could not manage to fit the whole of it and therefore circled her tongue around the head of his **** which went deep down towards her throat. Ravi grabbed hold of her head and moved it back and forth, ******* her mouth. I thought myself what a scene this is..Ravi slowly sit down and looked into her eyes and started kissing her passionately on her lips for a minute, whilst his hands started to roam vigorously both her boobs.

He was squeezing her boobs gently rubbing the nipples. Deepa could not control her self and threw her top and bra away. Then Ravi took his right hand around her right thigh and stopped over her moist ****. There he inserted his one finger straight away inside her panty. She gasped at that, held her breath for about a second and then closed her eyes, as he started to finger her **** rapidly. Deepa was getting wild. Ravi pulled down her panty and made her completely nude.He then spread her legs wide, as she rested on her elbows backwards. Ravi then started to kiss down her stomach and then around her groin as she tilted her head back her eyes shut and moaning quietly in pleasure, and then started to lick her clitoris sending shock waves through her body. Soon he inserted his tongue right into her *****, and rubbing it up to her ****. She couldn’t hold on anymore and brought her milky thighs over his shoulder. Looking this I was getting horny but controlled myself and started rubbing my boobs on sonu’s back slowly.Deepa slowly parted her thighs, slowly, slowly first the head of Ravi’s monster **** went in, after that he slowly pushed in inch by inch as she whimpered clinging onto him with all her might. Bit by bit the whole of his **** travelled through the entrance of her ****. Deepa was moaning louder aahhhhhhh… Ravi please…slow….. You always ***** wild. But after some time Ravi increased his speed and ****** her fast. He was ******* Deepa violently. .Oh my God! My head started reeling. I could not control more. I hugged Sonu tightly from behind. My boobs were pressed hard to his back. My ***** was totally wet. Sonu moved back and hold my boobs in his hands. He started pressing heavily. I was really wanted to have a **** like Deepa. But Sonu was not so smart. He was just squeezing my boobs. He was not able to hold my boobs in his hands due to heavy size. On other side Ravi was ******* deepa very hard to which Deepa could not control. Hence she was moaning loudly… Aaah…Uuhh… marjaaaonge but Ravi was unstoppable. He was ******* deepa like a pumping machine. After some time we heard the sounds of Ravi and Deepa who were to leave that place. With utter dismay we closed that chapter there and left that place before they see us. We were feeling very ashamed for our acts and on the way to our home we could not looked at each other.After few days matter became normal. We talked normal as if we do not know any thing. Again one day before launch break it was a game period and our P.E.T sir was on leave. So we were free to move any where for one hour long. Sonu invited me to the forest and proposed to taste the mangoes again. My heart bits increased on listening to his proposal. The sex play between Deepa nad Ravi as well as us struk to my mind. I wanted to avoid but Sonu insisted and pulled me to the forest. We went deeper and deeper in that natural orchards. As the said bush was coming nearer and nearer my heart throbs were beating like a bullet train…dhak-dhak, dhak-dhak…….. Suddenly I said “no Sonu let’s return”. Sonu looked at me with surprise. He said “why, what happened?” I said “nothing but I don’t feel well” Sonu said “ok Didi, let’s sit here and chat some thing”. Saying this he dragged me into that bushy area.It was surrounded with full of bushes leaving a patch of 3mts dia in between. Normally one can not see a person if he sit in that area. Sonu said “Didi is’nt it a beautiful place to hide? I did not tell any thing as the earlier plays on that spot were running in my mind. After a while he said “Didi I want to say some thing if u don’t mind” I asked What? He said “Didi really you have got very beautiful boobs.

Are very big and tight. That day I could not hold them in my hands.” I was surprised to hear such words from him. He then said again “can I touch them today?” I got puzzled and stared at him for his frankness. I said “we are brother sister and that to you are younger to me, so better we should not repeat those things again.” Saying this I tried to stand up, but he dragged me forcibly and made me sit on his lap. I was so nervous I was even unable to stand up again. He told in my ears “I will not tell this to any body like our earlier acts. That day I enjoyed that very much and want it again and again. But you never uttered a word regarding that and gave a chance after that.” His word were pinching my hearts and making our earlier acts refreshed. I remained silent. He slowely put her hands under my arms and kept it on my boobs. I was breathing heavily. He then unbuttoned my top and lifted my innerwear up. My boobs were freely swinging nude. He encircled his fingers around my nipples. My nipples grew hard. He was squeezing my boobs and rubbing my nipples gently. I was feeling very much excited. My eyes were closed. I was feeling his harden **** pinching from my back. My ***** was gettimg wet and juices were dripping out from my *****. I touched his harden **** from behind. Oh my god! It was so huge. I turned back and opened his zip. His **** came out from his pant as he was not in his vest. It was about 8” long and thickness equal to Ravi’s. I hold it and made it up and down. He was going crazy and moaning aloud. I was going out of control, suddenly I heard a hoarse voice from out side “what r u doing here?” Sonu stopped and took her hands back. I stood up. A tall man entered into that area with cruel eyes. He asked “what the hell u r doing here, who r u?” Sonu ran away like a rocket, but I could not as my top was opened and boobs were totally nude. I pulled down my inner wear and atarted buttoning my top. I was trembling in fear. My nerves were stopped functioning, I felt as if I shall loss my life now. Questions after questions.
Man:- Who r u and what is your name?
Me:- I replied stammering Pa.aa.ya.l Ssshharrraa. Sssstuuudent of claasss 8th.
Man:- who is that boy?
Me:- Sonu, my yonger brother also reads in same class.
Man:- From where u knew these?
Me:- Silent….
Man:- Do u know who am I? I am the husband of your principal madam.
Listening to this I felt the ground under my feet will be cracked and I will got buried in that. I was crying like a baby. I kneeled down before him and begged excuse. Holding my ears I said I promise sir I shall never repeat these acts again. Please leave me this time. Please don’t tell this to madam or else she will suspend us from the school. We can’t show our face to any body. He smiled and slowly stood me up. He looked into my eyes and wiped my tears with his towel. He consoled me and told “don’t worry I will not tell any body”. He closed the buttons of my top and said “let’s go to a new beautiful place which you might have not seen till date”. I felt relaxed and thanked God. I felt Sir is a very nice gentleman and regarded him. I begged apologize and told “no sir, I have to go as after launch Madam will take class and she is very strict in punctuality”. He again solaced me “Don’t worry she has gone to DI’s office and till evening she will not return. Now it is just 9.30 and you have got another 1 hour in your hand”. I could not avoid his proposal and followed him silently. We went near the fountain and sir told that “let’s go down to the fountain, you will find there beauties beyond your imagination”. I refused “no sir madam has strictly prohibited us to go there”. Sir said

“I know, but u r with me don’t fear I shall manage it” He hold me tightly and we slowly went down to the fountain. Wow! I murmured myself. The place was a real beauty. It was sorround with full of trees. One can neither see the persons nor can hear any thing from above due to dense forest and sound of water flowing. Sir brought some Litchis from the tree bending down towards the fountain. We went into a hollow place above which a big stone was there just like roof. It was really very enjoyable place. Sir “asked how do u like?” I could not spell a word and smiled at him with full of graced. He sat on the stone and took me on his lap. He peeled off Litchis and fed me like his baby. I was very thankful to him and my heart was full with regards to him. He told me “you are so beautiful Payal. How old r u?” I replied “18 years, sir.” He said “wow! But u r looking like an 19 years old girl.” I felt ashamed and looked down bending my head. I was taking the tasty Litchis from his hand suddenly he kissed me. I was shocked and panicked, but could not say any thing as I was scared that he may disclose to others if I oppose. I was shivering tremendously. My mouth was getting dry. He saw it as an opportunity and moved his hands on my body on to my breasts. From my back he slowly brought his hands and kept them on my boobs. He grabbed it with hands and started feeling it. I felt his rough hand on my boobs. His calloused hand was pressing my boobs. All the time I was moaning aaaaaahhhhhh. I was out of control and did not how but I instantly turned around and was now facing him. His bulged **** was poking against my tummy. Without saying a word he slipped his hand over to my shoulder and put his fingers tight against my top and un botton it. That exposed my entire white milky breasts bare to his eyes. Oh his eyes widened looking at my big coned boobs. He threw my blouse off and instantly put his hands on my breasts. I looked down in shame at my naked boobs hanging down like cones and his dark rough hand over them. He took my left boob in his mascular hand and cupping it round, squeezed it tight. “Ahhhh,” I gasped. His rough touch was doing things to me. I could sense my **** respond to the rough handling of my boobs. I could feel wetness start to moisten my ****. As he squeezed I saw my nipples harden and swell. He bent his head down and took the right nipple into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh,” it was an exquisite feeling that I had not experienced with Sonu. Whether it was his rough touch or that he was a real man forcing a virgin, I don’t know. All that I knew was the intense stab of pleasure I felt as his mouth closed on my hard nipple and sucked. As he sucked alternately on my nipples I felt my **** moisten fully and all I wanted to do was to take my hand down there and finger my itching *****. He was nuzzling my boobs and he took one of my hands in his vest and placed my hand on his ****. “Oh my god,” I blurted again. I couldn’t see his **** but to my hand it felt gigantic. All I could do was whimper and moan as that man ravaged my soft tight boobs. I could not take my hand away now. His hand left mine and I felt him insert his hand into the skirt and panty and pulled them down. I was left naked in front of my principal’s husband. He was viewing my virgin ***** with lot of eagerness. I think it was the first time he was seeing any virgin ***** and that too soft hairy. The heat was unbearable. He left me and removed his vest. I saw his great muscular chest and well covered by thick curly hair. Then he undid his shorts. It was stuck to the huge pole sticking up from the inside. He pulled it off his rampaging **** and dropped it down. Ohhh my god, what a size he had possessed.

I turned to cover my face with the hands in fear. He caught me by my waist and pulled me back. Oh the view of his **** was driving me mad. It was a huge piece of meat, easily 9 inches long, so thick and dark and the bulging mushroom shaped head was as big as a child’s fist. Really I was amazed by the size of the **** this man possessed, unbelievable. . He started inserting the finger in my *****. I screamed with pain aahhhhh… Then he took out the finger and whispered in my ear “are u a virgin?” I nodded affirmatively. He then pushed my head towards his ****. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to take his monster **** in my mouth. Sir was so eager and pumped up that he himself shoved his huge meat pole into my mouth and holding my head in his hands began to immediately **** my mouth. His huge **** filled my mouth almost gagging me. His big bulging balls hung down in a hairy sack below his ****. I took one hand to his sack and hefted them. They felt heavy and full of *** ready to fill many *****. Then suddenly he pulled out his **** and pulled me up. I was lay with my *** cheeks on the stone. He hugged me tight crushing my soft boobs into his chest and kissed my lips. I opened my legs wide, on my own. He kept on sucking my juicy red lips hard for a minute and then he broke off and just stood by the side of mine. I was looking up at him eagerly. I was getting impatient. My **** was almost boiling. I wanted his **** in my ****. I wanted to be ****** like Deepa. But all Sir did was to stand and look at me. He whispered you are really the goddess of beauty. He started rubbing the monster head on my wet **** lips. Oh, I couldn’t bear the touch; my **** was swollen so much and was sensitive. Now he knew what to do. He was rubbing my **** hard with his ****. I felt his **** nudge my **** lips. I bit my lips in Anticipation of the huge **** penetrating my tight ****. “Haaa,” I screamed as the massive **** thrust into my tight ****, ripping it apart. I felt as if a burning steel rod had been thrust into my ****. I felt my **** walls stretch so much I felt they would tear. I screamed margaye……. Aaaahhh... I groaned in pain... It was like a hot thick rod which was invading me through the walls of my *****. It was paining very much. I was crying no…. Please….leave me…….. But he was entering his **** slowly bit by bit. The pain was unbearable I screamed please……. Leave me. He then took out his shaft and solaced me “don’t worry you will enjoy after some moment, just be patient”. He held my waist with his hands tight and slammed his **** Inside once more. I almost fainted with the intense wave of pain and pleasure. I looked down at his crotch and found that the 9 inch massive **** was fully buried in my wet aching ****. He kept his **** buried in my **** without moving and leaning down took my nipples in his mouth and started to suck them. His hands were pressing, kneading my soft melons, while his mouth was alternately sucking my nipples. The pain in my **** started to fade and was replaced with a feeling of fullness. I was wanting more by now. On its own my *** was starting to lift up. As he felt my *** move he grinned.Then supporting his body with his hands on either side of my body, he began to stroke. First he started almost gently. Long full strokes easing my tight **** open for his massive ****. As he stroked in his thick **** rubbed my **** and I loved the feel of his **** in my ****. As his speed built up I was matching his strokes by lifting and lowering my *** to take his **** in deeper. I could feel waves of pleasure building up deep inside the molten core of my *****. I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow over me. He kept ramming into me. He began to slam into me really hard. His thrusts were moving my body up the ground, while his hands clutching my thighs kept me in place impaled on his ****. He was ******* me rapidly now. I was totally amazed by the strength and power of this old man. His ball sack was slapping into my *** as he rammed his **** in. He was brutally using my **** now. Rapid thrusts going deep inside my ****, his fingers dug painfully into my thighs. His bull like head was bent down as he piston his **** in and out of my wet slopping ****.

He was grunting and groaning as he humped my ****. Then he threw his head up and I felt his **** stiffen more I knew he was about to flood my **** with his ***. I locked my legs round his back heels pressing his ***. He groaned and sunk his **** deep inside. His **** throbbed inside my **** sending hot wet globs of *** splattering onto my **** walls. He kept pumping so much *** I wondered when it would stop. I too had the ****** at the same instance. Then he collapsed on top of my body. I felt his **** still throb inside me for a long time before it shrunk and slipped out. I rolled his body off me and sat up. My **** felt sore and full. I looked down and saw the lips all red and raw with white *** sticking to the outsides. My **** was gaping open like a cave and there was sticky gooey *** intermingled with my own juice oozing out. He was very happy. He leaned and kissed my lips and my wet *****. He smiled. “This was the best ******* I have had in my life, Paayal.” He said in pleasure.I walked to the fountain to wash myself. He whistled, “Wow tumhara gand kitna sexy hai paayal”. I felt shy as I had never listened such comments before. I peed then cleaned myself up and went back to the place. Sir was grinning at me and pointed to his semi hard ****. “Dekho Payal tumhara gaand dekh kar yeh phir se khada ho gaya”. I sat down beside him. He pulled my head to his ****. I leant over his crotch and sucked his wet ****. There was a tangy taste to his **** what with his *** and my juices drying on it. I licked it clean And as I sucked and licked, it stood up to its full length once more. Sir sat up and pulling me down on the ground and straddled me. He sat on my belly and pushed his **** down between my boobs. I pushed my big boobs together from the sides trapping his **** in between. He half knelt and started to stroke his ****. As his **** came up, it hit my chin and I bent my head to give it a flick with my tongue. Soon he was really hard and my nipples were hard and pointing like small penises themselves.They ached with the hardness. I was using my fingers to rub my nipples. Sir took his **** off then taking my nipples in his fingers pinched them hard. There was a jolt of pain and pleasure which hit me as he pinched them. “Ahhhhhh ahh.” I groaned. He was abusing my boobs and nipples. He was pinching them, twisting them, sucking them like a baby, biting my boobs leaving his teeth marks on the smooth white skin. When he bit my nipple I felt my juices begin to flow again. One of his hands trailed down my smooth belly to my ****. There was growing wetness as the overflowing juices dripped out of my wet **** onto my thighs and the stone. I felt his fingers dip into my wetness and then going further down rubbing the juices on my *******. “ohhhhhh no don’t touch me there sir.” But since when did sir listen to me. His finger kept rubbing my ******* with my own ***** juice and I liked it. I found that it was thrilling and my **** got wetter as he fingered my *******. Then slowly he inserted his finger into my ***. His finger went in and he started to finger my *** while sucking my boobs. The pleasure was unbearable and I could sense another mind-blowing ****** building. Then he started to use his other hand in my ****. Fingers digging in deep groping around my **** walls for my ‘g’ spot. “aahh” as his fingers massaged my **** and g spot my ****** burst. I was thrashing about and shouting all kinds of nonsense as the ****** coursed through my body. I was discovering that this man is a master in *******.I wanted to test this man’s hard thick **** more. He turned me around and knelt before him in doggy style. He was looking at me with amazement. He instructed me about what I had to do. Soon I felt him enter my dripping swollen ****. I grunted and thrust my *** back to take him in fully.

He held my waist tight and thrust into me. Then I felt him draw his **** out of my ****. I moved my *** back to keep him inside. But he was aiming to **** my ***. His thick **** head was forcing itself on my *******. I felt terrible pain as the mushroom head forced its way inside my tight *******. I tried to crawl forward to get my *** out of reach of his ravaging ****. But sir held me tight so I couldn’t move. And thrust in relentlessly. Slowly my ******* stretched wide and he got his monster inside me. I hung my head down panting like I had run a marathon. Sweat was dripping off me. My **** was reacting to the ravaging of my virgin *** by dripping more. Sir’s hands held my hanging boobs and were milking them. I reacted by moaning and pushing back my *** driving his **** more deep. As I moaned and groaned in pleasure he rammed my *******, roughly ripping my insides. But I was beyond caring. The **** in my ***, his stubby fingers in my **** and hands slapping my *** cheeks and milking my **** were all making me a wanton ****. I was begging him to give me more **** and shamelessly like a ***** getting my *** ****** by his meat pole. Because of the tightness I could feel sir’s **** begin the slow throb on its way to ***. Another big ****** hit me as his **** throbbed deep in my ***. As he shot his load of sticky *** into my *******, I folded my hands fell on the ground and put my head on the rough stone as I shuddered my way to my biggest ****** so far. I just collapsed and curled up in fetal position. Then I felt hands softly prying my legs apart and warm wet towel touch my sore *** and ****. I looked up to See sir wiping my privates softly with a cloth cleaning up his ***, my juice all mixed. Then he hugged me and kissed me. I put on my dress back. It was already 10.30am. I told “hurry up sir, our class might have been started now”. We came up and he gave me way up to the school. I was not able to walk freely as my thighs were aching. The class was not started yet. Sonu could not look at me perhaps he was feeling himself guilty of leaving me alone there. But he did’nt know how he helped me in experiencing such a wonderful **** of my life. I was very easy. After that I did not get more chance to meet sir.
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