I'M A Lesbian, And Lonely

Ever since I was little, I didn't know if I was lesbian or not. I met that answer that I was lesbian. I found out during seventh grade, and my best friend and I were hanging out after school every weeknight and saturday night. Well one day, we were walking back home, well I was walking her back to her house, and then as we reached her front doorstep, I paused for a moment, looking deeply into her beautiful hazel eyes, long straight brunett hair, and gorgous lips, I just thought to myself right then "oh gosh I want to kiss those lips right now!". Unfortunately I didn't that night. The next day, school was boring as usual, but me and my friend were walking to the river to do homework, but what startled me and kinda made me happy was that on the walk there, she grabbed my hand and didn't let go as if she wanted to hold my hand. So when we reached the river, and sat down, I told her how I felt about her as more than a friend, and to my great luck, she felt the same way! So there we were, two young girls inlove. Now of course by that time, we started going out, dating every night we could, but one special night, I went up to her room and we started kissing, then making out, but never had sex. Fours years after we were dating, she left me for another woman. Now I am just looking for another girlfriend for dating. If theres any available woman out there between the ages of 18-21 then just message me and add me so we can chat, kik me at bears101, and email at isaacholloway@yahoo.com, my real name is katelyn but my friend isaac lent me his for a while. Look forward to talking to u! <3
bears101 bears101
18-21, M
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my kik is sexybiatch31. Females send me nudes, males don't even bother!

I'm so sorry for your loss hun. I know that feeling 110%. As late as this is, I hope that you found that special woman to call your own. I'm up for being friends if you would like and it's not too late. 8)

you are a gorgeous woman. How dare she dump you?

Thank you, and I know right! But I know that there are other women out there waiting for a girlfriend, hope I find one soon and thanks again, I appreciate it:)