Who am i? A confused girl who has known since the 4th grade that she had always been attracted to females... Everything about them just feels so right. Sure, I've had boyfriends & enough unsatisfying intimate relationships with guys to know, that I'm utterly fed up with the thought of them! & why everything in this generation is seemingly always about having sex & what appearance a girl has.... Lol. I find it rather annoying & disgusting. Where I live it's not as easy as it may be, to just find a girlfriend & live happily ever after. It takes so much more work & the thought of being with another girl... BLOWS my mind. I've had only one real intimate relationship with a dearest bestfriend of mine & I know that it is what I truly want... Sex with another girl is unlike anything I've ever experienced with a guy. Each time is like making passionate love, it is truly beautiful. Women are beautiful..... My family is wonderful & accepts me as I am as wells as a couple friends, which I couldn't be more thankful for. I just can't help but to feel trapped from where I am, It's hard to be completely "Out" there when you fear all of the negative things that come with being who you are. My biggest is rejection. I don't take it too well. I'm a girl & loaded with different kinds of emotions, feelings, needs & wants... Something i feel only another girl could understand...
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hey its gungefetish15 here. Don't worry i know exactly how you feel. When I was 14-15 I started fancying girls (and boys) but felt weird fancying girls. I went into the loo one day and cried because I fancied a girl. I thought no-one understood me. Thought people would laugh and call me names. Thankfully when I was 17 one of my carers said "It's O.K" so there you go it's o.k. Don't worry :)

Hope this helps xx

Thats a really tough predicament that I completely understand. But, you must be fearless or you'll never live! I've had a few girlfriends in the past but they never seemed to last because most girls I were with were a little too sensitive and cold at the same time. Lucky you have a supportive family, you really should continue to expand your horizons and have no fear or regrets abou your sexuality! Good luck!!!

I'm happily married but i have had two lesbian relationships in the past. Being with a woman is wonderful. Go for it! And don't pre-empt negative judgment. People seldom judge as much as you think. And if they do, ignore them. Keep looking and never give up:)

Good luck finding the right girl out there.

While I cannot completely understand where you are coming from I respect your choice. And from what I've seen I think 2 women are very passionate.

Thank you :) it is quite passionate.

Hi what you say is so true no man could ever do what a girl will do for you. xxx

yea I understand exactly what you're saying, everything you wrote about explains what I think and feel haha only another girl could fully understand what another girls go through, their feelings, and pain

Yeah, exactly... :)