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Can you please let me know how that gay dar works , I dont have it and I just dont know how to tell a girl that i am into her, is hard , i dont wanna get slap on my face but how to be professional huh........
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Show her your in to her, just like a guy! Flirt, tease, or a simple back massage can loosen the mood! Another way you can try is hinting out that you like women! If you know the girl, let her know yr wanting to try to kiss a women! Watch her reaction, if she dnt like it you will know! And if she does, she may even start asking questions or saying something like, yea me too! I'm bi so getting females are not that hard. Now I dnt know how it is being a les!?

well actually it is not my first time hat i like a girl but first time to try to do something, but it doesnt work tat well
as i mentioned below, she kind a understood that i like her, cause she and her friend were staring at me differently as if they wanted me to stare at them either,i felt uncomfortable, as she wanted to kill me at that moment, i felt that way, so i looked at my other friend and smiled as if i dont see them:(

Gay dar is for gay guys not girls we just ether ware a rainbow jewelry or drop little hints don't be pushy just let her know and leave the rest to her

Hmm how, i am shy even to look at her how can i be pushy, i mean some girls do not have any of these stuff, how am i supposed to know this

We don't I said don't be pushy just drop a few hints like look at a girl when she around say she hot or not all you need to do is give her the hint you like her