Valentine'S Day...And Still Single.

Well, this is the day I generally hate the most, because I am perpetually single! So, since my old story here is looonnnggg buried, here goes! What better day to put yourself out there than Valentine's day, right?

Well, I've been in the Kingston, NY area since September. I have a great time volunteering at the local LGBTQ center, and I have made some great friends. However, no one special has come along just yet. I dated one girl who I met on OKCupid for two months, but that turned out to be disastrous. Beyond that, I've been a swinging single! I am not terribly picky; just since we share the same basic values and vision for life, I am game!
Just a few things about me: I am an atheist, so someone heavy into religion likely would not work; I am childless and wish to remain so; I am out of the closet, and need a partner who is out as well; I am a bleeding heart liberal, so heavy right with ideology would probably be problematic.

Also, remember that none of these things are absolute, and, even if dating doesn't work out it is always nice to meet friends! So, if you think I'm rad, go ahead and inbox me or comment here!

Happy hunting to all the lovely ladies here.
proudgqdyke proudgqdyke
36-40, F
Feb 14, 2013