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II - Came Out On My Closet

I meet new friends and I start to express who I really I'am. I think it's because of the influence of my friends that's why I came out on my closet. I forgot I'm the eldest daughter and because my parent and grandmother spoiled me, I didn't listen to them. I cut my long hair and I'm really nervous. It will make a war in our family as expecting...

Because of being immature, I thought on collecting many girlfriends and have fun with them. Time passed by and I have experienced many relationships. I don't care if they cry. I get what I want. I always broke up on them because I find another one. I skip classes just to have a date with someone. That's me before ... collecting girls. Because of being a happy go lucky, I fail on my subjects. My grandmother go to school for the update of my grades and she know that I failed my subject. From that day, I decide to concentrate on my studies so that my parents and grandmother will not be sad and get angry. I did not go out with my friends from that time. I ignored their presence and they ask me why but I didn't answer them.

When I'm in 3rd yr highschool, I meet a girl. She is my schoolmate before in grade school. She has an asthma. She is smart, "tsinita" (like the chinese eyes), friendly, cheerful, loving, caring, really good, slim/sexy, and beautiful. Of course there are so many guys admire on her. We became close friends. Time passed by, I got a crush on her. I did not tell her because it's not acceptable in our community. What I did is I treat her like a special girl. On the valentines day, I confess my feelings and we didn't tell anyone because they are against. She said, she will think about that before making a decisions. Ok I let her and give her a time. Many days passed...

cath24 cath24 22-25 Feb 17, 2013

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