||| - The First Time I'Am In-Love

Time comes....

After our laboratory class we talk. She said, she likes me too but if she said yes to me that will be a big problem. So she asks me in my opinion what will I do? I said it's depends on you. Then she think.... She made her decision, she said, "YES!" Wow! It really makes me happy but it just a minute because her bodyguards (oh, bodyguards??? the 2 guys who also admire her) came. No one knows that we are officially on. We are not planning to make it secret. We will tell our friends soon.

As a teenager, we just mind ourselves...what we want...as being selfish person. What really exciting as a teen is we do many violations in school. We don't care about the consequences. One time in our science room, there are no students that time, we have a torid kiss. And we are really nervous because we almost caught by security guard but thanks to it he did not see us because we hide very fast. That's the first time we made a violation. After that time we continue do things for pleasure. We almost caught but like the first time, we fix it. Our relationship reached years. That's my first serious relationship. But like all relationships, we face many problems.

cath24 cath24
Feb 17, 2013