V - Moving On (Final)

After we broke up, my daily life is really miserable. I don't like to eat. I don't go out in my room. My family always check me because I so quite in my room. There is a time I came up on killing my self, it breaks my heart. I really miss her :(

One time, it's midnight, we are sleeping but I cannot close my eyes. I always remember her...her face..the past that we are so happy and it makes me cry. I hear my mother and grandmother crying. Another day again, sun is rising but still I cannot slept. After I hear that cry, I made my decision...it time to move on. I realized my mistakes, for being greedy...being selfish...being hardheaded...being high tempered...for being bad.

It's not easy to forget her. What I did is I make myself busy all the time to make my self tired. I always eat foods but thanks, I'm not fat. I read books, got a lot of textmates, going out with my family and lot of things I've done just to make myself not to think about her. Years passed and I'm succeeded. I still remember her but I don't get hurt anymore. I don't know if my wound is already heal. By that time, we broke up, we don't see each other anymore until now. She has a baby boy now but did not married yet. So I don't know what I feel if I see her again. But one thing is for sure, I want to cut the barrier between us. I want to be her friend again, a good friend. I can message her in the facebook, I saw her profile but I think it's not the right time to talk to her. I will just wait. I wish for her happiness and maybe in the future we will see each other again :)

Because of my family, I move on.
cath24 cath24
Feb 17, 2013