IV - Me, Being Selfish (My First Unforgetable Lesson)

Early stage of the relationship makes you really fly like in the clouds. You're happy together. But when the relationship reached years, you really both know each other...the weakness...the good and bad. Here comes the problems.

We tell our friends about our relationship even her family as expected they are against. They want that guy for her and I know my gf have a crush on him eversince. My jealousy start and I always get angry if there are guys near her because I want her...I want her whole attention on me. I became selfish. There is time, our friends plan to make us break but she cried and choose me. She assure me that whatever they do she will choose me. But I didn't listen to her, my mind is already overcome by jealousy. I always hurt her if she did something that I don't like even in front of many people. I don't know what will I do if she broke up with me. So I tell lies and do bad things just to make her stay with me. I know it's wrong but I can't stop my self. I always think that she will end up our relationship in the future because she wants to get married and have a baby.

I can feel that she wants to end it but she coudn't find a way because I will get angry. I don't know that she already planned it in the graduation day and she already talked to my mother. I don't know that time, that my mother cried to make her stay with me for 2 months because it's really hard for me. I just know it all when we already officially broke up.

Before we broke up, we are in college (1st year). We have 2 months left, that's my mother last request to her. I can feel that she has a new one but she still insist that I'm wrong. Until I found out that she has a new boyfriend and I cannot changed her mind. I let her go and spent my daily life crying inside my room.

cath24 cath24
Feb 17, 2013