The Saddest Truth

It's been 2 years before I'm having a girlfriend again. This time, my relationship reached years. I didn't get jealous easily, I let her do whatever she want. She hang out with her friends or she dated with another guys. I let her because I don't want her to be lock up and I want to test her loyalty. If she like another guy, I let her broke our relationship. As usual, our relationship didn't last long because of the problems again. I cannot feel pain now, I'm like a cold water.

I learn a lot of lessons and how to handle my feelings for the past years. I learn how to be in-love, like someone, erase my feelings and face the new day like nothing happen. I can control my feelings now. I can sacrifice someone, just to let her happy. Maybe because I just think that most of the girls were really find guys, get married, and have a family. That's the truth that we cannot deny in ourself. We cannot give them the total happiness and that's the saddest part of being a lesbian.

Don't lock up your girlfriend, let them do whatever they want. Treat them special until they find the right guy. There are also cases that the girl choose a lesbian than a guy, it just happen once in a blue moon. Most of them get married. So if your lucky, good for you. If not, just stay with her as a friend. :)
cath24 cath24
Feb 17, 2013