I Like You As My Bestfriend

From the time I graduated grade school, I always have a girlfriend...until now. As I noticed, when you're age is getting older and older, you will be tired to have many girlfriends. You want a relationship that last for long...a serious and matured.

I have a current girlfriend and were in 4years. She's tall but don't know how to pick a beautiful dress. She's not smart but hardworking. She do first the things for others before her. She's friendly, downtoearth, loving, caring, and loyal. I let her do what she loves.

We started our relationship when we are in college. She takes up IT and I take Computer Science course. I really like computer that's why I take up computer course. There is a time that I fail many of my subjects because I'm addicted to online games. I always went home late, I skip my meal or forgot to eat, I skip my class, and lie to her just to play online games. Playing online games really give me many challenges and it makes me think hard for strategies just to passed all the challenges. I'm not comfortable if I can't finish my games, I always think of it. Being addicted to games, I forgot my girlfriend. We fought because I don't have time for her and we almost broke up. But we fix it before it's too late. After that, I always play game but with limitation. We decided to limit my time in playing games so that I can have time on her.

If we are in school, we are just like a close friend because I don't prefer to have a public display of affections in front of many people. I don't want to create a bad image. We prefer to do our love scene in a private place. If she has a project, I don't help her so that she can learn how to solve it. If it is really difficult for her, I was the one aswering it. I help people and share my knowledge but I don't want them to be dependent.

Years passed, I saw her bad side and we always argue for that. She's reckless, lazy, hardheaded, don't know how to pick the best and safe, and dont know how to handle money that's why she always got a problem financially. She's talking bad about her family or other people, if she don't like it. She don't care other feelings as long as she do what she want. I'm very disappointed on her.

Many months passed and my feelings for her is gone and she don't know it. I'm a person that can't hide my true feelings. So I ignored her, I always make an alibi, I'm cold to her, I don't text her or even calling, I don't have time anymore. I don't even give her chocolate or flower this valentines. She's really mad on me. It's really hard to tell her that I don't have feelings anymore. I can see her now as my bestfriend only and I can't tell it. She loves me so much and I don't want her to get hurt. She face many problems now and I don't want to add on it. I'm waiting for her to get tired on me.

Until now, I didn't tell her. :/
cath24 cath24
Feb 18, 2013