Me And My Dreams

Everyone has a dream, for their love ones and for their self. You cannot fulfill that dream if you just only dreaming on it, it needs a full effort.

After, I graduated in college, I gain more confidence and can face now in other people. I passed my two thesis without the help of other people. Because of my hardwork I receive more blessings in life. I thank my family and friends for guiding me in the correct path. They are always there for me even though I'm hard headed. After the graduation, I rest for two months and think for my future and for my family.

What I really want are:
- House and lot for each of the members of our family.
- A farm with my Hacienda. I really like places with many trees, fresh air, seas, with my animals. Because with I'm in that place I feel peace in mind and you can really think thoroughly.
- Became a millionaire and have business ( but I don't know how to handle :) )
- Have cars or latest technology
- Invent something that can help people ( especially the poor )

I don't know if I can fulfill that all. But I assure myself to have farm and Hacienda which is really the most valuable for me.

Currently, I'm working online as Junior Web Developer who create web online system. I have already create many systems online and I really love my work. It's my passion so I give 101% effort on it and mostly I work more than my working hours. I'm also lucky because my boss is really good, downtoearth, honest, understanding, and help me a lot. It's really rare to find a boss like that. I'm also thank to God even though I'm not perfect and I always do mistakes, he is on my side and give me more blessings in life. And take note, I have Santo Nino in my table where I'm working. Santo NiƱo, a Filipino representation of the Child Jesus Christ.

If you want to fulfill your dreams, give an effort on it. Being hardworking will receive unexpected blessings in life. Don't lose hope and don't understimate yourself. Every human has their own skills. Don't listen to others who are making your life miserable. Live and do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt anybody.
cath24 cath24
Feb 19, 2013