Where Are You???

There is something missing on me. I felt lonely.

After my heart broke, I never fell in-love again. Until now I'm waiting but tired of searching. I have a girlfriend now but I never felt that way I fell in-love before. Until now I'm longing for someone that will complete me...that gives me the total happiness. Until now can't find the one.

The one that is loving, fun, caring, good, cheerful, smart, beautiful inside and out, tall, friendly, humble, and downtoearth. The one that is well-educated and independent. Know how to help people and handle things. We can both understand each other..our bad side and weakness. We can trust each other and open-minded. Open to our relationship like we can do whatever we want.

Are you still coming??? hmmmmmm...
cath24 cath24
2 Responses Feb 19, 2013

well we both searching but i believe it well come at the right time =)

I don't know if it's your facebook profile, but I send friend request. Sorry I don't have time in chatting. I'm really busy Monday-Friday

Cath24 being alone in a loveless relationship will never help anyone. I am not 100% Lesbian because I still like older men in my life. Mostly for Babygirl/Daddy relationships but I only want to share my bed with a women. Good luck

Still couldn't find an answer....

Cath24 it's there you must look deep to see it. I am in hunt to find that special girl to share my life. I am openminded and kinky. But I still am looking to not be alone.

Why you like older men? and Why you still in college? Ideal age of graduate is 21, right?