How Do You Know??


well, i recently (well about 3 years ago) realised i was really attracted to women.  After splitting up with a long term ex bf, i experimented a bit, and after a 5 week relationship with a woman, decided it was the most amazing thing i had ever EVER in the whole world lol..

Im currently dating at the moment, but im finding it so hard.  Mostly because I tend to get on better with men and most of my friends are guys.  If i see a girl i fancy i get so shy, its not good! Of the few dates ive been on, there are things that i really like but then things that niggle away at me about the people.  I am worried that I am being too picky, but I need someone that I am really attracted to and get on really well with.  What i want most is to be curled up with a beautiful woman, but im worried that I will rush into something because i am feeling very lonely at the moment, and it is working against me.

does anyone have any tips or advice??

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I say just keep looking and date whomever it is that you find you fancy- girl or guy. When you find the right person you'll know and it'll just work but for now have fun

Nobody is perfect, so you're not. Be yourself and don't listen to others. It is your own body, so you are in charge. Just be sure to take care of it, and women's bodies are like temples. Best of luck! X

you only live once...take what you want...make it happen go girl!

Just be yourself and things will fall into place. If you try to adjust how you come across to another woman, it will eventually unravel. When you are yourself, the right one will eventually come around and you will be happy. You won't have to try to continue a farce that will only unravel as times goes by. All the best to you. I hope you eventually find the woman who makes you happy, especially one who can see beyond the shyness to the woman within.

just remember that you're not perfect either. you'd want some slack cut for you for some aspects of you, and you should do unto others, etc. being overly tense about being in a relationship isn't going to make anyone happy in the long term. just enjoy your sexuality and remember that you have many years ahead to be happy -- make someone else happy now, not only just sexually, either.

I have a friend who came out as gay, but he's so picky! that sometimes I doubt he's actually gay Un_n But the feelings are there, and everything is where it's supposed to, so I guess you just need to chill and wait, it will come in time. :9 I also get really shy with girls, but curious thing is, I always see the good side of people and ignore the bad one completly, then I have all my friends telling me "this girl's not good for you" and I tend to ignore it...ending up hurt by those things I ingnored :Pnot good situations. but all fixed by patience, and time.

i know how you feel. i am the same way. the best advice i can give is try your hardest not to find the bad parts in people. look for the best. i know it's hard but sometimes their flaws is what can make them so perfect. =) (cheesy i know but it's all i got)