Need Someone

I have tried stuff with guys but it just doesn`t feel right, I feel less stressed and more attracted to women when I am around them then I do with guys. Someone please help

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Men are supposed to give you more butterflies than women....

If women do not give you more butterflies then men then you are not really gay...just scared of men.

I can relate. Everyone expects you to be with guys but don't force yourself. Don't ever be something you're not. Message me if you want to chat :)

U don't have to try or force ur self to be with guys if u don't want to just be ur self be honest u don't who may fall in love with the real u about telling ur parents I'm in the same situation because I'm not sure how they will take it especially my mom, but don't worry I bet that everything will get better sooner or later just think things trough before telling them they love u they should accept u for who u are<br />
Add me we could chat more if u would like.....

@ maxyMoo.. in these situations u need actions in bed then a good

That sounds like a difficult you want to talk with me? I'm a great listener :D

Hey I definitely know the feeling of dread about telling your parents. In fact I am still in the process of doing just that, if you need anything or just want to talk message me. <br />
<br />
P.S. I am bi and available, but hey tlak first and see where things go maybe?

I am 16. And thanks this hepls out a lot. I am currently trying to meet a nice young lady.

um, im not a woman, much less gay or even a lesbian for that matter, but i have quit a few fruity friends.<br />
<br />
in most of the cases where the parents were involved , telling them is some thing you have to do, its not gonna be easy, but your parents love you and what ever team you decide to play for there gonna support you, because they love you<br />
<br />
as for the meeting a girl, its just like meeting a guy, be your self, dont settle and dont take any bull... lesbians are people to the last i checked.

You don't say how old you are here love, so it's hard to give much advice. Just take it slow and explore your feelings.

Yeah I know it's so hard. I am not sure how my family would react ifI started dating a girl though. So I am afraid to.

i know i'm straight but sometimes i can't help but feel attracted to women...lately i've been having dreams about i can completely relate :)