This One Girl...

This is causing such distress and it is such a distraction. There's this girl, I met her in freshman year.. she's gorgeous, smart and just amazing.

One day in class, she purpose bumped into me and from then she started to talking to me asking what my name and such. Of course, I fell for her.. but it didn't last. She was later in my art class, and I'm like the artist in that class. One day I caught her standing there in front of the display case, looking at my piece, I caught a couple of times after that.... she later found out that I like her and she totally rejected me.

We don't have any classes together now, but the other day.. we crossed each other and when I turned back to look she turned back to look too. So confusing... We get out of the same gate everyday and she often walk pass me and my group of friends, and she walks close to make I noticed her... So damn confusing... what does she want? She knows I like her... I talked to her about it, she rejected me?

I like her..but so difficult. So does she like me or not or is she just teasing me. Any advice or suggestions would be very helpful right.

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She doesn't know what she wants... she's confused, like you too! Perhaps the best way to help the situation is to be honest about your feelings, realizing you may get hurt. The other approach, to wait it out, or ignore her, is guaranteed to lose her to you. I suggest you try to approach her, cautiously, just being considerate of her mixed emotions and reactions that those may cause. I believe whenever there are furtive glances back, there is attraction. You can only resolve that by talking.

Try just putting your cards on the table. It maybe that she is interested and doesn't have the nerve to talk to you about it or she is still in the closet.

I think I'm over her, but every once in a while she will catches my attention and the feelings awake.. so boored of it though. <br />
<br />
I hope you're over it.. feel better :)

I know what you're going through, I had that happen to me. Don't get too involved like I did, it really hurts when you find out she's just teasing.

I hope so too ;)

Haha.. yeah, but I'm still so very hopeful for her.. one day maybe

thanks. I feel like I'm wasting so much time longing after her. <br />
If she's doing this just to feel the power.. then I would hate her so much for it.

if that's really the case.. then too bad, 'cause I really like her.

It's okay to tell her that, and she should feel flattered, regardless. You may be surprised but something like this happened between me and my lover, too. Somehow our mutual attraction bridged the gap.