Having A Texting Buddy Would Be Fun

But a lesbian one would be better. I need a lesbian buddy who wouldn't mind chatting with me about anything and mate get to know each other better.
I don't have a lot of lesbian friends. So it makes it hard for me to get a gf ;)
So anyone wanna be my texting buddy?
I don't mind if your older or younger just got to be a lesbian gal.
moonlightglace moonlightglace
18-21, F
11 Responses Nov 2, 2013

God I would love one as well we would already have one thing in commen

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id luv 2 text u, im a lesbian and would luv 2 chat. This account is 1 I made up 2 check out the site fyi

Text me! 9145341319! I love texting new people (::

Hi, would you like to kik me ? :) mariahsb, x

You should text me. (:
I just posted my number so you can grab it from there if you'd like. :3

I'd like to chat if you are interested

How old r u??


Now ur mine :)

Hey! I'm actually looking for someone to chat with as well since I'm new to this site. But I'm not fully lesbian, I'm a bi leaning towards more girls, so I don't know if you'd still like to chat. If u do just hit me up^^

Sure hehe I don't mind if your bi ill hit you up hehe

Try and hit me up its not letting me hit you up sadly

talk smack nothing more you make me want to **********