What Would You Buy?

I think it would be fabulous to have a home large enough for a library.  I would fill mine with first editions of all my favorites.  How about you?  What would be the first book you would purchase for your library?
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If I had a library to fill, I would buy old atlases and maps to go along with all my books.

I would love a rolling ladder, a desk equipped with a quill ink and paper to start. I think I would purchase the first edition of James Herriot's books. They were my favorite books growing up, with such beautiful stories. After that I would spend hours rummaging old bookstores. I love the smell of old books.


I have a great collection of books from Bios, sci-fi, classics and ect. I have always collected books. I also have a Barns & Nobles Nook reader for traveling. <br />
For a library, get you a nice comfy couch or recliner, tea or coffee pitcher, and disconnect the phone.


COOL! :D :D Lots of travellers tales, collections of short stories, novellas, touching poetry of unknown poets(there are some very Good poets on ep too btw) and a couch because i love reading while lying down and a music system so i can chill if i'm bored


I already have a couple of bookcases full (but they also have crap besides books -darn). If I had the money for a library and books, first thing is complete my collection of books by Linda Niemann.

Lol I know what you mean, the words are written the same way but they sound different, I'm the opposite I speak english better then what I read or write lol

Good grief@all1rog, the bathroom is the one room (besides the library) that should not be free of books. LOL

Sounds like you love books Rog.<br />
<br />
OO I love to read in Spanish. i can't speak Spanish as fluently as I can read it.

Botanical books, about natural medicine also inspirational books and creepy legends or stories but in spanish lol

i can see him peeking through the windows now as I am resting on the rug reading. LOL he will be pouting. And ex's have to be good for something lol.

LOL! My ex bought me mine too! <br />
<br />
I also have tons of books around, so a real library would be nice... Hmmm... I DO have a basement family room that isn't getting to much use anymore. ;)

Oh don't be... My ex bought it for me so I use it for spite lol. I would like the french doors that open out into a garden so we can stroll in the roses too.

LOL I have mine in a kindle but I want him reading to me. I love it when he reads to me or when I catch him singing.

I already have a library in my home... and am very thankful the whole thing is contained within my Kindle. lol

Oh I am thinking leather loveseat and a rug in front of a fireplace covering hardwood floors.

I would expect nothing less - lol

LOL I like the rolly ladder too but I would have the Sgt on the bottom rungs and I would be on the top in my favorite little sun dress and I would have him pushing me around the room as we read through story after story. Of course our library will have only the very best of erotica. LOL

The first thing I would get is floor to ceiling bookcases and one of those rolly ladders :)