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I just love to read, and the fact that my parents are going to be building a basment, is a great arguement for getting my very own library. My parents said that it would be a very good idea. I am boxing up all my books and putting them in storage for about six months, or until the basement is finished. I have every one of mark twains books and am working on getting all of charles dicken nvels as well. I am also adding all the classics that i can find from various authors. I hope to organize the books alphabeticaly, wish me luck! I would like to know any other book suggestions, so feel free to leave one
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Oh, one other comment. A great source for very cheap books would be your public library. People donate their pre-read novels and the library itself dumps books. Hardbacks usually sell for a buck or so and at times, they have clearance sales and will sell ya a bag of books for 2 bucks! Good luck with your collection. Bill in Va.

james Mitchner is one of the best authors. I have about 1000 tomes in my library and at one time cataloged them on Excel. (PC crashed and no backup). The spreadsheet had the following:<br />
Title----- Author-----Publisher-----Publish date----- condition ---- Purchase price.<br />
<br />
This was done as an add-on for home-owners insurance. Your collection will not be covered under a normal policy without a "rider". You need to document your collection! <br />
I learned my lesson with my first library which included 15 years of collecting. I had hundreds of 1st editions dating back to the late 1800's. Teddy Roosevelt Charge of the Light Brigade for one.. Lost every thing when my parents basement was flooded during a hurricane and I was in the military and not home. Document your collection! And insure it!@