Somewhere To Go...

I just want somewhere to go to escape, even in my own home. I will always love books more than television or the internet. My whole family loves to read. One day, when I have a home or place to call my own, I will have a library. Be that a single bookshelf with a chair and a lamp next to it, or an entire roomful of books, there will be one.
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2011

Too many books, that was me, so lots of them were given away. now I find myself buying a selected few again.

I always thought that and was so excited when I got my first bookcase, but now I have far too many bookcases and far too many books. I guess it would be fine if I had a big place but I dont so will have to give a lot away soon.

I know what you mean. In my family, only my parents and I are the big readers. So is my moms' mom.